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Kids Math

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Kids Math
Elementary mathematics for children - it's interesting, not boring, useful and very informative. Math Master Kids (The math teacher for kids) is the children's mathematical game, in which the children will have to solve many interesting mathematical tasks (count, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication) - some kind of children's math test, test your skills in math, the ability to count in your mind and, if necessary, develop this skills. It will help children learn to count and compare, add and subtract, multiply and divide. Everything will pass in an easy game form. Playing our game, your children will receive basic mathematical skills for the school. Math Master Kids will help you learn count in your mind quickly and without errors, improve your abstract and logical thinking, sharpen your intellect, develop perseverance, raise the level of IQ, improve your analysis and memory abilities . This Math Master Kids (children's mathemati…

Mannequin Head

Mannequin HeadSkip all the floors and reach the skies!
Make better score!
Earn diamonds!

Download This Apk Unlock the colors of all heads!

Match 4

Match 4Super Match 4 is a simple yet addictive game.
You need to find a way to match 4 number tiles every time you match they add up and 4 new tiles are thrown back to the table. Download This Apk
As you progress you need to find a creative way to think and keep scoring....
It is Easy It is Fun and Its Addictive!!

Word Connect

Word Connect Do you enjoy the excitement of classic word games? Are you a real puzzle game master? DOWNLOAD Word Connect for FREE! Start your word story and enjoy the brainstorm NOW!

Simply swipe the letter blocks and build words to collect coins! Find the clues to solve the crossword puzzles! DOWNLOAD Word Connect NOW to begin training your brain and become a word master!

It’s time to uncover hidden words and build as many words as possible! Come and begin your word story!

What makes Word Connect so special?

• Authoritative Dictionaries! The game is powered by Oxford Dictionaries. • Addictive gameplay! Simply swipe the letters to build words!
• Tons of words! 8196 levels in total await!
• Different Modes! You can choose from normal mode, crossword mode and the daily challenge! Come and solve different puzzles!
• Daily Bonuses! Log in every day to play exciting daily puzzles to collect big bonuses!
• Alternative Themes! Up to 11 cool themes for you to choose from!
• …

8 Ball Pool Billiards

8 Ball Pool Billiards8 Ball Pool is the biggest & best multiplayer Pool game online! Play billiards for FREE against other players & friends in 1-on-1 matches, enter tournaments to win big! Level up and earn Pool Coins for your wins. Customize with cues & cloths in the Pool Shop. Also available for FREE on iPhone, iPad, iTouch & Android devices.

New player? See our Starter Guide!

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WAFFLE WORDSWelcome to the world of Waffle Words. This is not an edible waffle but a waffle filled with letters. You have to create lines to form words. You can create horizontal, vertical or L-shaped lines. Note that you can't create diagonal ones. You will get a score based on total combined number of points over the letters that you use. The words are available in 6 languages (including English). Can you find the longest possible word? How about the word with the highest score?CategorizationPuzzle » Waffle WordsMore Information About Waffle WordsWaffle Words is an awesome puzzle game. Play it here in your browser, for free. Waffle Words has been played by 13,558 people and has received a rating of 9.1 / 10 with 53 votes. This terrific puzzle game uses HTML5 to run in most browsers. You can play this game in full-screen mode to avoid any distractions. If you enjoy playing Waffle Words, you should check out our other puzzle or Paper Minecraft and Scramble Words.

cool math games hangman

cool math games hangmancool math games hangman  Hangman allowed players around the world to compete in the classic paper game of hangman in which you have to uncover a word before our cute character has to face the noose! You can play on your own in a free game with no time limits, or a timed game with a 2 minute limit. Alternatively you can play against your friends or other players online. During each game you are presented with a word and you must guess that word by selecting the different letters. If you guess a letter incorrectly, a piece of the noose and gallows appears! If you keep getting letters wrong, the noose will eventually be complete and our character will be hung! The words are challenging and you must really think hard about your choice of letters. Can you become a hangman hero or will you send our character to his demise?
Release Date August 2015
Developer Hangman is developed by Farlex.
Features You can invite your friend to a match You can use the hint to reveal a lette…

Crazy Shooters 2

Crazy Shooters 2 Crazy Shooters 2 is a first-person shooter in which you have complete control over how you play with your friends or players around the world. This version of the game is the second edition of the series; you find the much loved first one here Crazy Shooters.
Start by creating a game lobby or joining someone else's. Here you can set the rules and objectives of the game to your liking. You can then head into the game with up to 16 other players and a massive arsenal of different weapons to cause mayhem. Have fun!

Release Date
October 2018

FreezeNova made Crazy Shooters 2.

Soldier-themed first-person game
Multiplayer with up to 16 players in a match
Devastating weapons to use, including RPG and a grenade launcher
11 highly detailed maps
Adjustable mouse sensitivity
A new profanity filter to prevent bad words usage
This game is a web browser game.

Private: 0
Private 2: 100
Private First Class: 200
Specialist: 300
Corporal: 400
Sergeant: 500
Staff Sergea…

Bullet Force

Bullet Force Bullet Force is an amazing multiplayer FPS game with great 3D graphics. Create a room (with a maximum number of players, public or private etc...) or join one and start shooting.
Purchase weapons and extensions such as deadly machine guns and RPGs! Not to mention the awesome abilities that can only be used after you get kill-streaks. Go show your skills and become the Bullet Force champion!

Bullet Force Multiplayer is developed by Blayze Games (Lucas Wilde).

Release Date
The initial release date is June 2016. The game has been updated in March 2018 with a brand new look and more dynamic features. You can find them here, exclusively on CrazyGames.

UPDATE (October 2019): New weapons and interface for the players!

Bullet Force is available in the browser on CrazyGames (using WebGL), as an Android app, and as an iOS app. This means that you can play it on pretty much any device!

Multiplayer mode against other players worldwide and practice mode to play agai…

Robot City Simulator

Robot City Simulator

Robot City Simulator is an awesome game of rampage and mayhem in which you must control a variety of gigantic and bloodthirsty robots and attempt to smash several different cities to oblivion! If you like this type of game, you will love Crazy Pig Simulator too.

Choose from several different robots and earn points by destroying buildings and objects. The points you earn can be used to purchase upgrades and new parts for your robot to make them even stronger and cooler! You can even use a jetpack to fly around the city, or your immense bazooka to blow buildings to smithereens. Try and cause some devastation today and see how much chaos you can cause! After the pig and robot dog, now it is the time for a real robot to cause mayhem in the city! Complete each mission given around the city. You will have the chance to use the awesome jetpack to fly around and a bazooka to deal massive area damage. Spend money earned to buy upgrades for your robot. Good luck!

Release Date

Dragon Simulator 3D

Dragon Simulator 3D Become mighty winged beast in Dragon Simulator 3D! Dragon Simulator 3D is a 3D animal simulator game in the same series as Tiger Simulator and Racoon Simulator. In this game, you are controlling a mighty dragon. Perform tasks and show your might to humans! Start your quest by choosing your dragon’s name, color, and element affinity. Your dragon can utilize the powers of either nature, fire, ice, or air. Each affinity provides awesome moves and abilities. Once you have customized your epic beast, jump into this dragon game. Complete tasks and build up your strength Move through the vast open-world and explore with your dragon. The flying mechanics are easy to control and the game looks fantastic. Talk to humans and other animals and complete quests to earn rewards. If you attack the humans, they will fight back with arrows and other weapons so be careful!
There is also a dragon simulator multiplayer in which you can fight in PVP battles against other players. You must h…

Horse Simulator 3D

Horse Simulator 3D
Horse Simulator 3D is a fantastic 3D simulation game in which you can feel what it is like to be a horse on a beautiful island! Perform various tasks, start an adorable family, win various competitions, make your horse stronger and more beautiful, decorate your home, fight forest predators, help other good guys, and do much more!

Help the villagers in various tasks. Protect people and animals from danger. Play different mini-games. Compete in a speed races with other animals. Many more adventures are waiting for your horse!


The islands are dangerous, you need to find a partner with whom you can have little foals. Raise your horse's level and improve your family members' characteristics!


The horse can visit its home. The horse can rest and gain a new strength for his journeys. When you are at home, you can find many interesting things. Buy more things for your horse to make it stronger!


Customize the appeara…


AMAZING STRANGE ROPE POLICEAMAZING STRANGE ROPE POLICE Amazing Strange Rope Police – Vice Spider Vegas is a fantastic city simulator game in which you get to control a superhero that is like Spiderman. You can choose to become a superhero and save the day, or you can be the bad guy and become a supervillain instead! The 3D graphics in this game are immense, and the huge city you can explore is vast and full of surprises. You can use a myriad of superhero moves such as a web shot, building climb and laser beam too! To top it all off, you can choose from a range of different superhero costumes too. Which path will you choose?
Release Date The game was initially released on Android in October 2017. The WebGL version has been available since December 2018 and can be played here on CrazyGames.
Developer Amazing Strange Rope Police - Vice Spider Vegas was made by HGames-ArtWorks.
Features Visually stunning HD 3D graphics Fully functional Spiderman character that can shoot web to swing, climb buildi…

Moto X3M

Moto X3M 
Moto X3M  is an awesome bike game with 22 challenging levels. Choose a bike, put your helmet on, pass obstacles and get ready to beat the time on tons of off-road circuits. Have fun with Moto X3M! The controls are simple: use the keyboard arrow keys to control the acceleration and deceleration, and also your tilt. Ride through each course and try to land your jumps perfectly. If you angle your bike incorrectly you risk tipping your bike over!
Each level features an array of different obstacles and objects for you to traverse – you will find this game both fun and challenging! This is off-road biking to the max and for any motorbike fan, this game will provide a huge amount of enjoyment! If you like it, make sure to try our other amazing bike games here.

The developer of Moto X3M is MadPuffers.

This game has some amazing sequels: Moto X3M 4, Moto X3M 5, and Moto X3M 6.

Release Date
May 2015

This is a web browser game that can be played both on desktop and mo…

Wrong Way Driving

-->Wrong Way Driving
 Game - create your own race track! Wrong Way is one of our fantastic driving games in which you can customize vehicles and build your own routes thanks to an inventory with various objects. A great innovation consists in being able to save the created routes and be able to reuse or share them with other users via forums or other download channels. This game is fantastic and comes from the same developer that created the awesome Evo-F 3 car driver game and other titles. Players can try out all of these titles here at Crazygames: Evo F - Original game Evo-F 2 Evo-F 3 The gameplay and driving mechanisms of this wrong-way driver game remain the same and the graphics and game engine used are also the same. Try out the other games first so you can understand how the cars handle, and how to detect a wrong turning that could potentially derail your track design. Available objects Players start with a completely blank map. The only object is the parking garages and r…

Moto X3M 6: Spooky

Moto X3M 6: Spooky Land - Halloween biking. After Pool Party, Spooky Land is the Halloween-themed episode of Moto X3M series. Control your favorite rider and overcome all the tricky and spooky challenges!
This game will blow your mind and is one of the top bike games available. The levels are packed full of obstacles and explosive crashes. The Halloween version of this awesome title has attractive high speed motorbike racing. Furthermore, this racing game with crazy obstacles is fun to play.

Players can unlock a range of different bikes to ride. These all have superb Halloween styles. There is a witch, and skeleton for example. Players must unlock these new bikes using the coins they collect from completing different levels.

This bike race game with crazy stunts will keep players entertained for hours. There is a myriad of different levels to play - each one has different obstacles to overcome. Don’t fall in the green goo, and avoid the huge spikes that can impale your rider!

X3m is a bik…

Cool Math Chess games

Cool Math Chess gameCool Math Chess game Master Chess is the original classic chess game loved by everyone for centuries. The best games to stay around forever and chess is definitely a game that ticks all of the boxes. Challenge your skills and play endless duels to find the true chess champion.
Duel to your hearts content as you play against your friends or battle against difficult AI in this classic game following the traditional rules that we have all grown to love over the years. Pick your opponent and sharpen your skills but most importantly have a load of fun. Good luck!

Release Date
March 2018 Developer
Code Lab developed by Master Chess. Features
A fun chess game for everyone
Play against a computer or your friend
Nice graphics
Clean interface
Web browser (desktop and mobile) Categorization
Skill Games »Chess Games» Master Chess
More Information About Master Chess Cool Math Chess
Master Chess is a marvelous chess game that you can play right here in your browser. This game has been …

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Free PlaySolve puzzles and collect souvenirs as you travel through cities across the world! Compete in tournaments and challenge friends to head-to-head matches. The all-new version has NEW game modes and NEW rewards. Plus, Wheel Watchers Club members get awesome extras: an exclusive frame, 300 free diamonds and NO ADS FOREVER!

cool math games 2048

The goal is to get a single square to be 2048. Get two of the same number next to each other to add them together.

Use the arrow keys to add squares together. Take a break every now and then for food and water.

Copyright (c) 2014 Gabriele Cirulli

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


Word Finder

Word Finder Word Search is ranked as top 1 in New Free Games among several countries now! Word Search is a Classical crossword game for Android!The game is easy to play, slide the letter up, down, left, right, diagonal in any of the eight directions. Search and find all hidden words in the grid. Increase your vocabulary and exercise your brain!
 30+ Categories of puzzles
 3 modes to kill your spare time: Topic, Story, and Relax mode
 Create unique puzzle play with friends
 Multiple colorful themes
 Daily word challenge
 Automatically saved
 Available in 14 languages
 Powerful brain teasers for all ages
 Infinite play with automatically generated grids WordSearch is completely FREE to play! Support – Welcome to provide us new words-list in any language, we will put them in the game.Word Finder Word Search is ranked as top 1 in New Free Games among several countries now! Word Search is a Classical crossword game for Android!The game is easy to play, slide the letter up, down, left, right, d…

cool math games Mastermind

cool math games Mastermind

cool math games snake

cool math games snake snakeINSTRUCTIONS
Use the arrow keys to control your snake. Press SPACEBAR to pause. Eat as many apples as you can to grow as long as possible. But don’t hit the wall, or eat your tail! How long can you survive Control a happy snake and tackle other snakes in this cool multiplayer game! Just like in, you grow by eating the scatted glowing dots. A bigger size means you can tackle other snakes more easily. Use swift manoeuvres and dominate the battlefield! If you love this game, you should also try Silly Snakes!
Release Date
November 2018 Developer
Happy Snakes was made by OrangeGames. Features
Multiplayer e game featuring happy snakes
Three field sizes to play: small, medium, and large
Various e skins to use
Fast-paced gameplay
Mini-map to see the location of other snakes
Web browser (desktop and mobile) Categorization
Arcade Games » Classic Games » Snake Games » Happy Snakes
More Information About Happy Snakes
Happy Snakes is a first-rate snake games game that…

Fireboy and Watergirl 5

Fireboy and Watergirl 5: Elements is a cooperative 2-player game in which you take control of either Fireboy or Watergirl. The two characters must work together to get through the obstacles in each level. In this game, the characters explore different temples such as the wind temple, ice temple, and fire temple.
Each area contains different elemental challenges for you to overcome. The forest temple is the first region. Here you must use both characters to collect the colored diamonds and get to the end doors. Watch out for the traps, buttons, and levers. Think carefully about your actions and which character you use. Teamwork is key and you cannot complete a level without using both Fireboy and Watergirl. Each region has a different style. The light temple, for example, has beautiful colored lights.

You only have two minutes to complete each level so act fast. Don’t forget to look at the timer!

2 player
This is a cooperative 2-player game. That means that you can play it wit…